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This kit includes 1 pair of Roll Model® Therapy Balls in Tote (approx. 2.5” in diameter), 1 pair of Therapy Ball PLUS in Tote (approx. 2.75” in diameter), 1 ALPHA Ball (approx. 3.5” in diameter, and one 9” air filled Coregeous® Ball.

Using The Roll Model Starter kit will help you to move past pain and live more comfortably in your body. Each tool included in this kit is designed to help you safely perform self-massage techniques from the comfort of your home or office. Roll Model Therapy Balls are made from high-grip rubber, and when used with our focused movement routines, they penetrate through dense layers of skin and muscle to reach high-tension areas. Our Therapy Ball PLUS pair is slightly larger than the original Roll Model balls and cover more surface area. They also add height to help you get a greater depth of pressure. These massage therapy balls are ideal for full spine rolls, IT band & thigh rolls, and more. The included Alpha Ball is intended for use on areas like your QL, low back, and hips. The Alpha Ball features a soft top layer and dense inner core that works over and around bony prominences. Lastly, our Coregeous Ball is an inflatable, air-filled sponge ball that is designed to help you massage and activate your core muscles and stretch your psoas. Using this complete kit is a wonderful, powerful way to improve your mobility, prevent injury, and practice holistic self-care fitness.

Roll Model Kit