Are you looking for Active Release Therapy Services with David Edwards-Smith?

List of Services


60 minutes     $110.00
90 Minutes     $155.00
CranioSacral Therapy
30 Minutes     $65.00
60 Minutes     $97.50

CranioSacral/Massage Combo
90 Minutes     $150.00

Hot Stone Massage
60 Minutes      $117.50
90 Minutes      $162.00
120 Minutes    $212.50

(can be booked as an
or as an appointment)
15 minute appointments
Kinesiotape 1Areas $20.00
Kinesiotape 2 Areas $35.00
30 minute appointments
Kinesiotape 3 Areas $50.00
Pregnancy Taping $50.00


60  Minutes     $110.00
90  Minutes     $150.00

Event Outcall Massage
e-mail or call the office to book
*2 hour minimum
*priced for event with one LMT,
*$150.00 per additional hour
  *$150 per hour for each additional LMT*
2 Hours      $300.00
3 Hours      $450.00
4 Hours      $600.00


Coming Soon!

Massage Therapy
(Deep tissue/Swedish massage sessions)
30 Minutes    $62.50
60 Minutes    $97.50
90   Minutes    $142.00
120 Minutes    $192.50

Massage/Infrared Sauna Combination

90 minutes
60 Min Massage+30 Min Sauna

120 minutes
90 Min Massage+30 Min Sauna

Couples Massage
email or call to schedule

60 Minutes $225

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes     $100.00
90 Minutes     $145.00

Therapeutic Cupping

60 Minutes    $110.00

Cupping/Massage Combo

90 Minutes    $150.00
120 Minutes  $210.00

Facial Cupping
*includes cold stone jade rolling, hot towels, and aromatherapy
*want the added benefits of CBD for your face? Talk to your therapist before your session about adding CBD to your treatment!

30 Minutes  $65.00


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
60 Minutes      $110.00
90 Minutes      $155.00

MLD + Infrared Sauna
90 minutes
(60 minutes MLD+30 minute Sauna)
120 Minutes 

(90 minutes MLD+30 minute Sauna)

CBD Massage
"CBD massage" is simply the addition of
Topical full spectrum CBD to your normal bodywork
60 Minutes     $127.50
90 Minutes     $172.00
120 Minutes    $222.50
*add a CBD spot treatment
 to any massage service
spot treatment(add-on) $7.50

CBD Facial+decolletage Massage
+Hydrating CBD Mask 
*includes hot towels, facial cupping and aromatherapy*
60 Minutes    $130.00
90 Minutes (full body CBD massage+mask) $160.00

CBD full bodyWrap
+Hydrating CBD Mask
*includes hot towels, Facial cupping and aromatherapy*
60 minutes    $165.00
90 Minutes (full body massage +wrap+mask) $225.00

May help Combat:

May help to relieve Skin irritations:

dry skin


Missed Appointment & Late Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please give 24 hours advanced notice to ensure that you will not be charged for your appointment. 

 If less than 24 hours notice is given you will be charged 50% of your appointment total. If you fail to notify us of a cancellation and miss your appointment, the card held on file will be charged 100% of your appointment total. 

Egregious repeat late cancellations will result in a charge of 100% of your appointment total.

Thank you for understanding. 


We appreciate your business!


You agree to be open and honest with your massage therapist at all times during your session (including but not limited to:  temperature, pressure, music volume, working on a certain area longer or moving on to the next body part, or anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.) You understand that you may leave on as much clothing as needed for comfort, refuse or request to change any massage methods, or stop the session at any time. You understand that you will be modestly draped for the entirety of your massage session and that only the area being worked on will be uncovered. You understand breast and genital areas will be avoided at all times. Any inappropriate advances or requests will not be tolerated, and any attempt to do so will result in your session being terminated immediately with no option to reschedule, as well as being reported to the proper authorities.