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Come explore next level self care with us.

Fitting just 6 people the tiny yoga studio inside KPMT is a welcoming intimate space perfect for all things therapeutic - breath work, meditation, aromatherapy, rolling, yoga, and self manual lymph drainage.  


April and May  workshop schedule

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You can also find Caitlin at YogaSol every Friday 9:30am-11am Restore

Self-Care Sequence
 10 & 30 minute
The Five Tibetans sequence
level: All Levels
Intention: Energetic Alignment/longevity
The Five Tibetan Sequence otherwise called the Five Tibetan Rites forms part of Tibetan Yoga. This set of 5 postures(asana) when done in succession activates the magnetic centers (chakras) in the body, bringing balance into them. This further encourages proper flow of energy that is evenly distributed in the body.
Forming part of the Tibetan Yoga, the Five Tibetan Sequence or Five Tibetan Rites are simple body movements done in pairs, and are repeated many times in succession. It is a full body stretch that can be compared to Hatha yoga's Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).
The Five Tibetans Sequence helps boost energy in the body and can be included in any flow yoga sequence.

Click the links below to open desired sequence
30 minute The Five Tibetans sequence
10 Minute The Five Tibetans sequence
click the PDF to download and print this sequence
30 minute PDF             10 Minute PDF

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